Saturday, March 2, 2013

Practice What You Preach

As you my know I'm a certified Dream Coach now. I'm slowly building my coaching business starting with a few key clients. While I am using Dream University materials fairly heavily right now, I am also coming up with my own body of work .I'm writing my first ebook, which will be ready for download in a few weeks and I'm excited to get your feedback.

One thing I've noticed as I put the book together is how easy it is to give fantastic advice. I mean, this stuff is amazing. haha I'm also noticing how hard it is too follow your own advice! After jotting down a few of my "Power Principles" I decided to do a quick inventory of my life to make sure I'm doing the things I'm suggesting and I've noticed a few gaps. I'll go into more detail after the book is released but until then I've got some work to do. Make sure  you follow me on twitter and check out the Woman of Confidence facebook page for updates on the ebook release!