Sunday, August 26, 2012

Barbie in Drag?

I was browsing twitter and happened upon this tweet from Curvy Magazine:

Previously on  :: Drag Queen Barbie, But Still Not a Plus Size Barbie?!

Before I even clicked the link I had questions. How can Barbie be in drag? Can a woman be a drag queen? Hoping to find some answers I clicked the link and read the article.

Sometimes when I'm reading plus size articles I feel like some kind of plus traitor because I just don't care about some of these things. This was one of those times. Who the heck cares if Mattel ever makes a plus size Barbie? But then again the only dolls I was allowed to have aside from my Strawberry Shortcakes were African-American and they weren't making black Barbie dolls back then. Maybe if I'd had Barbie dolls I'd care... doubtful but possible.

Anyway, I digress. Back to drag queen Barbie. After reading the article and looking at the pictures I was doubtful that this was a drag queen Barbie. She looked like glamour shot Barbie to me. 

So, I googled "drag queen Barbie" and lo and behold she is not a drag queen. Her name is "Blond Diamond Barbie". She was designed by The Blonds and is wearing their signature corset dress. It seems that since one of the The Blonds is often seen in drag, and seems to have the same dress as this Barbie, people think that Barbie is in drag. That's just silly.

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