Tuesday, July 17, 2012


I was so excited yesterday to come home and find that my package from Sealed with a Kiss Designs (SWAK) had arrived. I've been doing some research on products I'd like to carry in my boutique and the Monif C. convertible dress is a top runner. I just didn't want to spend $215 to find out if I loved the dress or not. I happened upon SWAK's website and their interchangeable dress and decided that $69 was a much better price to pay to sample the style.

So, last night I opened the package and jumped into the dress. I'm not a "read the directions" kind of gal so needless to say 20 minutes later I was sweaty, angry and looking pretty ridiculous in my version of the dress. Patches of my back were uncovered and the straps were all wrong.

I decided to watch a couple of instructional videos on YouTube and then I was back at it. I had a little more success but this morning I took the easy way out. I wore it as a skirt! Here are a couple of  pictures - I know they're kind of fuzzy but you get the gist.

I'm going to keep at it. I'll post more pics once I get the hang of a few more styles. I think I'm going to love this dress!

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