Friday, February 14, 2014

All the Single Ladies - Happy Valentine's Day!

I'm not actually dating anyone this Valentine's Day. But even in the past when, I was dating, I never made much of a big deal out of Valentine's Day. It's just not my thing. As a single woman with no children, two holidays have become fairly annoying to me. Not because I'm single with no children, but because of the behavior of people who have no idea what to say to single women who have no children.

The two holidays are Valentine's Day and Mother's Day. Valentine's Day brings sympathetic looks and "Don't worry, your time will come", while Mother's Day brings "Well, I'm sure you're a mother to someone" and "Don't you have cats?" OK, come on people. I'm not a mother and there's nothing wrong with that and today, on Valentine's Day, I'm single - and that's ok too.

I had an awesome Valentine's Day. I had lunch with a client, ran some errands and enjoyed a quiet evening at home. I think it was special because I didn't run into anyone who expressed sympathy for my singleness. Yay! Everyone I encountered simply wished me a Happy Valentine's Day. Whoo hoo!

Happy Valentine's Day to all the single ladies - and everyone else too!

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Practice What You Preach

As you my know I'm a certified Dream Coach now. I'm slowly building my coaching business starting with a few key clients. While I am using Dream University materials fairly heavily right now, I am also coming up with my own body of work .I'm writing my first ebook, which will be ready for download in a few weeks and I'm excited to get your feedback.

One thing I've noticed as I put the book together is how easy it is to give fantastic advice. I mean, this stuff is amazing. haha I'm also noticing how hard it is too follow your own advice! After jotting down a few of my "Power Principles" I decided to do a quick inventory of my life to make sure I'm doing the things I'm suggesting and I've noticed a few gaps. I'll go into more detail after the book is released but until then I've got some work to do. Make sure  you follow me on twitter and check out the Woman of Confidence facebook page for updates on the ebook release!

Friday, September 21, 2012

The Real Bully Problem

Bullying has been in the forefront of news and community movements for a couple of years now and I've always been on the fence about the best approach or solution to the problem. The focus over the past few years has been on stopping bullying but I'm not sure that's truly possible. I see too many adults participating in bullying for me to believe that these same adults can convince their children not to bully.

Adults certainly bully. We just don't call them bullies. We call him a jerk or we call her a bitch.

I have had several situations over the past year that I think would fall under bullying - rather, someone trying to bully. I've had a taller, larger male colleague step in very close towards me while trying to make his point in a heated discussion. While I was thinking "Hold up, is this dude stepping to me?", I had to suppress my "street" reaction and figure out how to navigate the situation like a professional. I put my hand up to stop him from getting any closer, said what I had to say, then walked out (which is basically my street reaction minus swears). Jokes aside, I had to set some boundaries to let this man know I was not going to tolerate certain behavior. And if he was going to talk to me in an aggressive way he wasn't going to be talking to me at all.

The work place can mirror the school playground. All of the players are there - the mean girls, the outcasts, the in crowd, the superstars and yes, the bullies. It never stops. When your parents told you things would be different when you got older, they lied. All this behavior carries into adulthood and the key things to know are how to navigate,  how to stand your ground, and how to give an intellectual smack down if you need to.

Now this isn't a cure all solution but I think it would help.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Fall Possibilities

This is my favorite time of year. I love the transition from summer to fall - the cool weather, the fall colors - I love it all. It's also the time of year that I start to get excited about possibilities. It's probably because growing up this was "back to school" time - the beginning of a new school year. It was the time to make declarations about how my life would be over the next nine months or so. I guess I just never grew out of that. I tend to make more plans and resolutions as fall arrives than I do at the promise of a new year. This fall I plan to move full steam ahead on the next phase of my life, my dream of opening an upscale plus-size clothing boutique. Today, I took one step closer to my dream!

Over the summer I was accepted into the Small Business Legal Clinic at Western New England University and today I had my first meeting with the team of law students that will help me with my business. I wasn't sure exactly what to expect but I was greeted by two very sharp, very nice, and very knowledgeable third year law students. I left the meeting feeling overwhelmed initially. They raised a lot of legitimate concerns and gave me a lot to think about. I started to get a feeling of dread... could I really make this happen? Of course I can. That fleeting moment of doubt was soon replaced by sheer excitement. I'm ready to go! Yay for possibilities!

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Barbie in Drag?

I was browsing twitter and happened upon this tweet from Curvy Magazine:

Previously on  :: Drag Queen Barbie, But Still Not a Plus Size Barbie?!

Before I even clicked the link I had questions. How can Barbie be in drag? Can a woman be a drag queen? Hoping to find some answers I clicked the link and read the article.

Sometimes when I'm reading plus size articles I feel like some kind of plus traitor because I just don't care about some of these things. This was one of those times. Who the heck cares if Mattel ever makes a plus size Barbie? But then again the only dolls I was allowed to have aside from my Strawberry Shortcakes were African-American and they weren't making black Barbie dolls back then. Maybe if I'd had Barbie dolls I'd care... doubtful but possible.

Anyway, I digress. Back to drag queen Barbie. After reading the article and looking at the pictures I was doubtful that this was a drag queen Barbie. She looked like glamour shot Barbie to me. 

So, I googled "drag queen Barbie" and lo and behold she is not a drag queen. Her name is "Blond Diamond Barbie". She was designed by The Blonds and is wearing their signature corset dress. It seems that since one of the The Blonds is often seen in drag, and seems to have the same dress as this Barbie, people think that Barbie is in drag. That's just silly.

Friday, August 3, 2012

Going for Gold

Are you watching the Olympics this year? I love them! Congrats to Gabby Douglas on her gold medal. Check out this video on Gabby, her mother and the sacrifices they made on her road to gold.

One of the things I took from this video was that Gabby realized that in order to achieve her dreams she needed a coach that was going to give her the tools and support she needed to win. Everyday people are starting to realize the same things which is why the life coaching industry is becoming so popular. I love helping my clients realize their dreams. It's just a rewarding for me as a their Dream Coach as it is for them when they experience success. Have you thought about getting a coach to help you reach your goals?

Wednesday, July 18, 2012